Virginia, USA


Acrylic paint mixed with pouring medium and imagination.Simple ingredients on the surface, but that combination comes together to create one of a kind art in every single fluid paint pour Deb creates. While the same colors can be used over and over again, no painting will ever be exactly the same. Deb’s favorite part of working with this art form is that, in reality, it’s only marginally control chaos. Once that paint is poured onto the canvas (or other surfaces), the paint gets to decide which colors will sink or rise, which colors will flow and mix together and how the piece will dry to its final beautiful finished state.

“Only marginally controlled chaos.”

Spending hours mixing bottles up on bottles of paint, then spending more hours sitting around watching paint dry. Yup, that’s Deb’s idea of a really great time! Who can blame her, though, when the results turn out like this?