“No one knows what I might do next. Not even me”. I’ve been saying it for years. My poor husband has been living it for years. He’s gotten used to it and I think he secretly likes it. I’m not sure if my quirks are a side-effect of being a Sagittarius or if they are just “me”. Either way, I’m enjoying my roller-coaster ride. Which is really funny. Because I get carsick and you won’t catch me on a roller-coaster. Not EVER. No siree.

So in my own personal sine wave of “Ooh look! I want to do THAT!”, and “Oh Hey! THIS looks fun!”, I sometimes play with fire. And sometimes play with rocks. And sometimes play with clay. Or herbs, or plants in general. Or maybe paint. And sometimes fabrics and yarns. Perhaps MMmmmmmmead! And All The Things. Honestly, I’m going to need to live forever, because I’ll need a few lifetimes to enjoy everything my brain wants to explore. SO much to do! So MUCH fun and brain-stretchy goodness!

“Oh look! Pretty rocks!”

Each piece Scorchye creates is made specifically to the stones.